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PrEP for Sex 

In this educational video series, Christopher collaborates with the New York State Health Department and PrepForSex.org to educate communities about PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), engages in sex positive conversation around HIV prevention and shares his personal experience taking PrEP. 

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PrEP Explained 

In this short educuational video, Christopher collaborates with Fusion TV to share some needed to know facts about PrEP for those who may be considering taking PrEP as a method of safe sex agency. 

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Blood Equality: Blood Mirror

In 2016, Christopher protested, along with 49 other PrEP advocates, by donating his blood to Blood Mirror. Each individual donated a tube of blood – 50 tubes equals a full pint, the amount in a standard blood donation — which was collected into the ‘community pint. This blood was preserved inside Blood Mirror. The FDA’s current 1-year deferral policy continues to stigmatize gay and bisexual men without accounting for PrEP, condoms, and other safe-sex practices that can greatly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

WebMD Education: PrEP and Preventing HIV

In this educational video series, Christopher collaborates with WebMD as part of their "PrEP and Preventing HIV: Starting Strong" educational initiative. He shares his PrEP journey and information he thinks is useful for anyone considering starting PrEP.